Welcome to NS Filtration ApS

NS Filtration ApS is a Danish company founded in 2011. Our main geographical area is Europe with focus in the north, but we also have customers abroad. We are working in the field of filtration with the main focus in beer filtration. The company is young but with more than 60 year experience.

Managing Director
Niels Strandby


I have founded NS Filtration ApS in 2011.
I have been working with filters from Schenk Filterbau since 1981.
Therefore I offer you to optimize your filter both if you have mechanical problems or your program need to be optimized.

Frank Sørensen


Frank has been making service at filters from Schenk Filterbau in more than 25 years.
He is also experienced in repairing and installing the most equipment in breweries.

We offer you...

Our main focus is on
Schenk ZHF and NIRO Filters
Seitz ORION Filters
H&K Filters

Optimization of kiselguhr and sheet filters.
Program and Mechanical.

Metal Screens
The original Metal Screen for ZHF and other filters.
Screens, Rescreening and new production of elements.

Service and Spare Parts
Complet service at ZHF kiselguhr filters.
Including supply of Spare Parts.

Filter aid
Supply of filteraid including the supervising by start up.